I'm Christina Caudill and I believe in using astrology to empower my clients to align with their highest values and life goals.  I have strong faith in my clients and in their ability to let their intuition guide them toward their ultimate fulfillment.  Therefore, I don't make predictions.  Your birth chart is your 'default setting' of your personality, but your destiny is much larger and more malliable than what can be gleaned from your chart alone.  I like to think of astrology as clues from the Universe about your soul's evolution, which teaches us valuable lessons on how to move forward in relationships, business and life.

I believe in providing the utmost care to my clients.  I combine my astrology readings with my training in life coaching, holistic health, meditation and Oracle card reading to bring a diverse range of high quality care to every session.

The mission of Radiant Astrology is to illuminate the timeless wisdom of astrology, discover who you truly are and skillfully navigate the journey toward who you are becoming. I want to help you see that the unfolding of the story of your life is truly exquisite.

Your intuition combined with my training, guidance and care can create miracles.



My birthday astrology reading was wonderful, Christina! The things you told me in the reading resonated so much and were spot on. It was almost shocking how well you seemed to know me! I loved your tips and suggestions along the way. The reading gave me a lot of ideas and pointers to work with in the coming year. And some of them I already incorporated... and they were so true and worked out beautifully!
Ursula Markgraf

Ursula Markgraf | Visual Artist, Writer

Christina's astrology reading was spot-on. Not only did she provide me with insight about my present situation, but also looked back at transits and helped me understand the planetary impact at various times in my past. It gave me so much comfort to know not only what to keep in mind now, but she also put past events into a broader context. What I love most about Christina is that she has laser-focused intuition and she hones in on exactly what I needed advice and insight around and she delivers sensitive information with kindness and grace. She is extremely talented and I would highly recommend working with her to better understand both your past and your future.
Lisa Fraley

Lisa Fraley, Attorney | Legal Coach

In October, I was at my lowest of low… I didn’t know where to turn; I just needed answers. Christina’s name came highly recommended as the astrologer to talk to for both eyeopening insights and compassionate counseling. So I reached out and was shocked when she moved things around to squeeze me in the very next day, given my situation. I was blown away by Christina’s soft and gentle approach starting with a meditation and really helping me to relax and center myself before the session started. Rather than just being the onesided astrology lecture that I expected, it was a discussion and counseling session. She cut through the astrology theory and jargon and got straight to the point how these energies are manifesting in my life, and how I can use them. I was completely blown away that she could help me understand myself and what was happening around me so clearly in only 60 minutes. Christina is a true astrologer and an incredible coach. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Mike Iamele

Mike Iamele, Author, Enough Already: Create Success on Your Own Terms

Christina Caudill IS amazing!... From beginning to end, I felt Christina totally aligned with what she does, totally aligned with me, and her summation of everything I’ve been up to, and everything I’ve been preparing for was overthetop SPOT ON! It was crazy how SPOT ON! I highly recommend Christina. It was a really special experience! :)
Carol Egan

Carol Egan | Wellness Coach


Readings are provided by phone or Skype, client’s choice. Birth information is needed to cast a chart [birth date, birth city/state, birth time] the more accurate the information, the more accurate and impactful the reading will be. Please check your birth certificate.


$600 2.5 hours total (1 hour intake followed by 1.5 hour reading)

This technique is a 2part reading that explores astrological transits throughout your past that have helped form your personality and worldview. We’ll begin with a full one hour intake interview where we review specific transits that were significant in your life and often triggered areas of healing or development. I will research in depth these past transits and how they relate to your current and future astrology. This will be followed several days later by your reading to not only illuminate certain lessons the planets are trying to communicate to your for your journey, but also take a look at where from this new perspective you want to direct your energies in the coming months.

After each meeting, I support the process and your healing by providing a remote energy clearing work to clear any ‘stuck’ energy which is often brought to light from past events in your 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), 8 chakras and your luminous energy field. Clients have reported a feeling of liberation from past conditioning, renewed compassion for themselves and a deeper connection to their true values. The purpose is to provide new space to move into your future, led by an open heart, with trust and grace for the path ahead.


$250 for 1 hour

The couples synastry reading compares the charts of two individuals to illuminate the ‘chemistry’ of the pairing. There is a wealth of information that can be gleaned from this type of reading including areas of challenge, areas of easily flowing energy and areas of opportunities within the relationship. Sexual chemistry is often indicated as well as is the potential for the relationship to endure, or not. In some cases signs of soul mate or karmic connections appear, indicating certain lessons to be learned from the relationship. Precise birth information for both parties is needed for the most accurate reading.


$150 for 1 hour

In this individual chart reading, clients complete a comprehensive questionnaire including birth information as well as their views on where there life is now and where they feel they are headed. We’ll take a look at the upcoming year with a focus on the following 34 months. I do not make ‘predictions’ in the traditional sense I will not tell you when you will marry your soul mate or when you will get an ideal job. Our free will is much more powerful than being subject to that of the Universe and our destiny is surprisingly malleable, so long as we work in tandem with the planetary energies and stay open to the grace and wisdom they are trying to impart on us. As a holistic health coach I may suggest self care rituals to implement to best handle the planetary energies, should they be affecting you. I often consult Oracle cards for deeper insights into the situation. Clients can add on a remote energy clearing for an additional $30.

Session Options


$50 for 30-45min

Energy clearing helps to settle any disturbances in your energy field. Whether it’s a sudden shock, an ongoing difficulty or you simply would like an additional uplift for your day, energy clearing can make a profound difference in the alignment of your spirit. I providing remote energy clearing work to clear any ‘stuck’ energy in your 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal), 8 chakras and your luminous energy field after each meeting. Result can be anywhere from a major shift to a subtle sense of lightness. Integration often takes 24-48hours and it is recommended to drink plenty of water and take things easy during this time. This clearing can be for yourself or for another person as a gift.


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