I'm Christina Caudill and I believe in using astrology to empower my clients to align with their highest values and life goals.  I have strong faith in my clients and in their ability to let their intuition guide them toward their ultimate fulfillment.  Therefore, I don't make predictions.  Your birth chart is your 'default setting' of your personality, but your destiny is much larger and more malliable than what can be gleaned from your chart alone.  I like to think of astrology as clues from the Universe about your soul's evolution, which teaches us valuable lessons on how to move forward in relationships, business and life.

I believe in providing the utmost care to my clients.  My mentor, Eric Francis of Planet Waves, taught me his unique proven method that he developed over 20 years as a professional astrologer.  I combine this technique with my training in life coaching, holistic health, meditation and Oracle card reading to bring a diverse range of high quality care to every session.

The mission of Radiant Astrology is to illuminate the timeless wisdom of astrology, discover who you truly are and skillfully navigate the journey toward who you are becoming. I want to help you see that the unfolding of the story of your life is truly exquisite.

Your intuition combined with my training, guidance and care creates magic.


An In-depth reading of your birth chart along with a forecast for the coming months. For first time clients, this is a 2-session package, each about an hour long via phone or Skype voice that includes the first session entirely intake. Readings include a centering meditation and Oracle card divination. All information is kept confidential.

NOTE: Your birth date including birth location and exact time will be required at time of scheduling.

Intake + Astrology Reading:    $250 for 2, hour-long sessions via phone or Skype voice

Follow-Up Astrology Readings:   $120 for 1 hour via phone or Skype voice [existing clients only]


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